The timeless warmth of a stove is something to be considered when looking at ways to heat your home. It can be a fine piece of furniture for family and friends to gather around, it brings people together. Your stove can also be simple and functional.

At Columbia Housewarmers we have both cast iron and steel-bodies stoves. Cast Iron stoves produce radiant heat, which reflects heat from the front, sides and top. These stoves use cast iron plates to heat the home. Cast iron stoves are more
Jotul cast-iron stoveornate in terms of the decor of a room. They are often considered a piece of furniture.

Steel bodied stoves are simpler in terms of line and texture. They have a minimalist look to them. Steel bodied stoves produce radiant heat from only the front and top, and tend to have larger fire boxes. Steel bodies stoves are lined with firebricks to protect the steel from the heat of the firebox. Both types of stoves do an excellent job of heating the area that they are designed for.

No matter how you intend to use your stove, Columbia Housewarmers has several different styles and fuel types to best suit your needs.


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